Non-Corporate Members don’t have any right to vote, to requisition meetings and to be elected to the Council.

Honorary Fellows

Persons of distinction whose services or association is deemed to be of benefit to the Institution. The President, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Governors and Chief Ministers of the Provinces, Heads of other countries and dignitaries may be elected by the Council as Honorary Fellows for the tenure of their respective office.


An associate satisfactorily completed the three years program of Instructions in a technology leading to the diploma of Associate Engineering or equivalent recognized by the Council.


Student shall be attending a regular course of studies leading to degree in engineering from an Accredited Engineering Institution recognized by the Institution.


Persons who are not engineers by education and profession and do not come under any class of membership rules specified above but are qualified to work with engineers in the advancement of engineering science, knowledge or practice may be permitted to be attached with the Institution as Affiliate.


Any State, Department of the Government, Public Body, Registered Company, Firm or individual not eligible to be a Fellow, Member, Associate, Affiliate or Student who may desire to be so attached. Each subscriber shall be entitled to attend or to depute representatives to attend the Annual Convention.


Our vision is to contribute to society through the pursuit of quality education, creative learning and productive research


  • To provide students with a healthy learning experience based on critical thinking, innovation and leadership skills
  • To ensure a collaborative work environment for faculty and staff to achieve professional excellence and institutional growth
  • To contribute to knowledge economy and social transformation through advanced studies and research