Administration & Finance Committee


The Administration and Finance Committee will consist of the President as its Chairman, Secretary General as its member cum Secretary and Chairmen/Secretaries and one Fellow Council Member from each Local Center. It will supervise and manage the finances of the Institution. The Committee will devise ways and means to improve the financial position of the Institution and suggest to the Council steps to be taken in this respect. The Committee shall scrutinize the budget proposals before putting up to the Council for approval.

Members of Committee

Engr. Dr. Javed Yunas UppalPresidentHQ
Chairman or SecretaryMemberKarachi
Engr. Ghulam Farooq ManiarMemberKarachi
Chairman or SecretaryMemberHyderabad
Chairman or SecretaryMemberQuetta
Chairman or SecretaryMemberMultan
Chairman or SecretaryMemberFaisalabad
Chairman or SecretaryMemberLahore
Engr. Dr. Khizar HayatMemberLahore
Chairman or SecretaryMemberIslamabad
Engr. Dr. Attaullah ShahMemberIslamabad
Chairman or SecretaryMemberPeshawar
Fellow (Vacant)MemberPeshawar
Engr. Amir Zamir Ahmed KhanSecretary GeneralHQ