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    Please keep handy scanned copy or photo of your educational documents, CNIC, PEC Registration card, Photograph and Challan of bank recreipt for uploading.

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    All applicable columns must be filled.

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    Please use Microsoft Egde or Google Chrome for registration.

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    MIEP applicants who have not been registered by PEC are exempt from submitting PEC registration. They may enter their registration No. isntead.

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    Payment must be made in favour of “The Institution of Engineers Pakistan” in the account no (0109008100010901) Bank AL Habib Limited Liberty Market Branch Lahore (Bank Code BAHL) and copy of receipt uploaded.

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    The qualifications for various categories are as follows.


    Must be Member of IEP of at least 4 years standing and shall not be less than 40 years of age, shall be engaged in or retired from the profession of engineering and shall have one of the following qualifications:-

      - Have 10 years of experience in position of responsibility for design and/or execution of engineering projects.
      - Attained eminence in Engineering.
      - Made noteworthy contribution to science of engineering.
      - Presented a technical lecture or published article in reputed Journal.

    Member (MIEP)

    He shall not be less than 21 years of age, have received a recognized BSc Engg. Degree or passed section ‘B’ of IEP examinations and must be a practicing engineer.

    Associate (Associate IEP)

    Must have passed 3 year diploma of Associate Engineer or equivalent, recognized by the Council and shall be working on an engineering project under the guidance of a Corporate Member of IEP.

    Student (Student IEP)

    Must be 17 years of age, shall be attending a regular course of studies leading to a degree in engineering or has F.Sc (Pre-Engineering) and is engaged in some engineering work under the supervision of a corporate Member of IEP or is final year student of diploma of Associate Engineer.

    Affiliate (Affiliate IEP)

    Persons who are not engineers, but are qualified to work with engineers for the advancement of Engineering Science, knowledge or practice.

    Subscriber (Subscriber IEP)

    Any state, Government Department, Public Body, Registered Company, Firm or individual not eligible to be a Member of IEP of any category may become subscriber.

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    The following life time fees are applicable:-

    Fellow R.s 3000/-
    Member R.s 500/-
    Associate R.s 500/-
    Student -Nil-
    Affilate R.s 1000/-
    Subscriber R.s 5000/-
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    The life time fee for IEP Journal “The Engineer” is R.s 1500/-

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