About Us

The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) was founded with the blessing of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in 1948 with its Headquarters at Dhaka. In 1972 the Headquarters was shifted to Lahore. The name ‘THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, PAKISTAN’, was amended as ‘THE INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS, PAKISTAN’ in line with international trend in the 22nd AGM held in 1979.

IEP has its own constitution, according to which its affairs are managed by its elected President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General at the headquarters level. The central council is elected for a 3-years term and has the the powers of the Governing Body.

The Institution has been taking concerted efforts to upgrade the professional knowledge and technical know-how of its member Engineers by undertaking various technical activities. IEP has conducted studies on various national issues and technical problems; and submitted its recommendations to the government.