Technical visit to the Walled City, Lahore

IEP headquarters  arranged a technical visit ti the walled city Lahore on 1st. May, 2016.

Engr. Col. (R) Nasir Ali Siddiqi Chief Resident Engineer / Project Manager of “Sustainable Development of Lahore Walled City Project” , an eminent engineer of Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE), and also Member IEP Central Council (Civil) conducted  this visit in an excellent manner. His hospitality was marvelous. The project is a state of the art example of excellence in Civil Engineering and of course the allied works of Electrical, architectural and other disciplines. The tram of Engr. Col. (R) Nasir Ali Siddiqi and contractors worked/working have converted the impossible to possible.

The uploaded pictures will show the status before and after the completion of work. You will also appreciate to see that under what circumstances the work was undertaken. All the sewerage system and HT/LT lines were replaced and overhauled. The complete sewerage and HT line systems have been made underground.

It looked impossible during the the rush hour, but it have been accomplished by doing it during day and night and made the things possible. They even worked in the narrow streets even to 2 feet width and also bulged out houses/buildings were rehabilitated/reconstructed to their original shape. The architectural skills of Mughal times in “Mosque Wazir Khan” and “Shahi Hamam” are also woth seeing. Huge round of applause for the work done of rehabilitation and reconstruction of our heritage in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Credits Col. Sahib.

Regard. M. Ijaz Rabbani